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If you decide to pre-order an item from us, you will receive an email as soon as the item is in stock or ready for further processing.
Therefore, please be sure to provide a valid email address when completing the order.

Shipping of pre-ordered items
All pre-ordered items are dispatched to our customers immediately (within 1-3 working days) upon arrival.

Pre-ordered items in combination with items in stock
If your placed order consists of multiple items, we will normally not ship the items until the entire order is complete. If you need items in stock earlier, please let us know in a short email ( with your order number. Normally there are no additional shipping costs.

Prepayment for pre-ordered items
A prepayment of 100% is required for pre-ordered items. If you order your items with the Klarna payment option, Klarna will invoice the item immediately, depending on the payment method.
You can of course cancel your pre-order at any time after paying the invoice, starting installment payments or immediate transfer and you will be reimbursed the full amount (plus possible shipping costs). So you are always on the safe side.